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Get real-time insights into student reading performance.

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Literator is pre-programmed with 2,000 skills and prompts and automatically groups students by their skills.

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Just one swipe to rate makes it easy and unintrustive to update data everyday.

Get The Whole Picture

Compare a student’s growth to their peers, and use predictive data to plan interventions.

How It Works

Literator's App takes the guesswork out of next steps for students with intuitive prompts, highlighted trends and automatic groupings. As teachers use the App, Literator’s Dashboard turns that data intoactionable insights with performance predictions, integration with attendance data, and comparison between grades and demographics.

For Teachers

Making conferring and small group instruction easier and more effective than ever.

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Over 2,000 pre-programmed skills and prompts
Track skills intuitively with just one tap
Set goals for students and track them over time
Get automatic small groups in real time
See what skills the class is struggling with
Share seamlessly with parents or colleagues
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Premium For Schools

Helps you plan with predictive and differentiated data from both the App and the Dashboard.

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Seamless integration with Literator App
See how the entire school is performing
Predict future student performance
Differentiate by demographic
See academic and behavior trends together
See daily updates
Celebrate month-over-month growth
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Making A Difference

8 Hours Saved Every Week

20,000 Students Served

17 Countries Served

Loved By More Than 300 Schools

Our Story

Hi, my name is Michelle Ching (I’m the one in the middle!) and I’m a teacher. I started Literator because I struggled to address my students’ widely varying reading needs. I sought out best practices and tools, but nothing felt right. This struggle was not unique to me. The problem around addressing every student’s widely differing need is one that teachers both new and veteran are challenged with. We needed a solution that felt natural and unintrusive, and it didn’t exist. So we built Literator.

Our team is taking the best of technology, user experience design and literacy expertise and bringing ease around affordability into the classroom to give teachers what they need to help students read. The literacy gap disproportionately impacts students of color and students in poverty, but doesn’t have to be that way. Literator is dedicated to changing the future for the kids who have traditionally been left behind.

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