Real-time Insights Into Reading Performance

Literator Dashboard for Schools

Literator frees schools from infrequent testing data by providing you with real-time feedback that you can immediately act upon. When teachers use the App, schools get actionable insights on the Dashboard. Literator takes the guesswork out of next steps with one-glance overview, performance predictions, integration with attendance data, and comparison between grades and demographics.

One-glance Overview

See how your school is doing at one glance, with the option to drill down to specific segments of students.

Know What To Expect

Literator predicts future student performance based on past data, so you can plan interventions before it’s too late.

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See Attendance Side-By-Side

Literator integrates with your school’s attendance system so you can see how attendance affects performance.

Get The Whole Picture

See how you’re doing compared to other schools using Literator.

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