No More Binders, Be More Present

Literator App for Teachers

Using Literator during your one-on-one observations means that you get immediate actionable insights instead of relying on infrequent testing. No more lugging clipboards, books, and binders around. Literator takes the guesswork out of next steps for students with intuitive prompts, highlighted trends and automatic groupings—through just a few taps!

Intuitive Prompts, No Setup

Literator is pre-programmed with 2,000 skills and prompts, just enter a student’s level to see the relevant skills.

Just One Tap, No Data Entry

Track skills with just one tap — everything is logged in real time, so you don’t have to worry about losing any data.

See Class Trends Immediately

Students are immediately grouped by the skills they’re struggling with, so you can form targeted small groups for intervention.

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Predict Problems

Literator predicts future student performance based on past data, so you can plan interventions before it’s too late.

Get The Whole Picture

See how your students grow over time and how they compare to their peers.

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